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Mauritius 2018 - A Season of Rest

I spent 6 weeks in Mauritius in 2018 and it was a turning point for my body. I slept like a baby for most of the trip. I bought a few books at the local bookstore and spent days just reading. As I am writing, I am filled with happiness as I recalled the beautiful pictures that I have taken.

On a Catamaran Cruise 
I was in Mauritius in December 2017 for only 8 days which is around 6 full days. I like Mauritius because of its good vibes and I could not wait to be back in 2018 for a good rest. I am interested in resting my mind, body and soul and therefore, I knew I needed a longer trip in 2018. Short trips are too hectic. I like to have sufficient time and space to just rest and read, if possible, by the beautiful beaches.

Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful Pereybere - I could stay here for ages.
My favourite beach is Pereybere, located in the North of Mauritius. I stayed in the North for about 10 days. Grand Baie and Pereybere have beautiful beaches. The turqoise looking water was so clear and the sand was so fine that it was a beautiful experience just swimming and relaxing.



My favourite pastime was to watch the sun disappear beyond the horizon.

I always try to make it in time to catch the gorgeous sunsets in Mauritius. Watching the sky changing from blue to beautiful hues of purple always filled my heart with happiness. These were precious moments because it is not easy to catch the sun go down the horizon in Singapore. Simple pleasures.

Waves and Sunset at Flic en Flac
Flic en Flac beach is located at the west of Mauritius. I stayed in the West of Mauritius for about a month. Flic en Flac is a very long stretch of water and sand. The people are very friendly and the sunsets were amazing. 

Breathtaking Views

The beauty of the crystal clear water brought about a much awaited calm.

I experienced 3 catamaran cruises and each one was fun in its own way. The catamaran cruise to Ile Aux Chefs was the most memorable one as the journey was awesome. I saw the most beautiful turqoise looking water in my life. I have never felt that relaxed on a cruise.

A test of endurance and facing failure - I almost made it to the peak of Le Morne.
I am very grateful to my local friends for organising a hike and mountain trek to the peak of Le Morne. Although the journey was tough for me, the view was breathtaking. 

Majestic Mountains
Mauritius has a few famous mountains with unique traits. The view of mountains filled me with awe. Some of the famous mountains are Le Morne, closely linked to the history of slavery in the country, Le Pouce, the shape of a thumb at the peak from far and Pieter Both. At the top of Pieter Both, there is a rock formations which resembles a human seated. Many times, I passed by these mountains during my road trips. Awesome!

A view of Beautiful Boats as I was enjoying my breakfast in Grand Baie
It was also unbelievable that I could enjoy beautiful views while having my meals at my own pace. I really appreciate every moment of it.

Unique Cultural Experiences

Adrenaline Rush - The Lion's fur was very rough.
I experienced Walking with the Lions, an activity at Casela World of Adventures. The guides were very professional. The lions were tame and they didn't stir when I touched them. I was told to squat with a long wooden pole as I gave the lions a firm stoke. The fur felt very rough. They looked very majestic.

7 Coloured Earth - Interesting Landscapes
I took a road trip to Chamarel, a region consisting of a waterfall, Earth that is of 7 different colours and the famous making of rum. Rum is a huge thing in Mauritius.

Sacred Lake - Appreciating culture

Best Swim of my life

Hundreds of fishes surrounded me as I was snorkeling in the breathtaking Blue Bay.
I stayed in Blue Bay, located at the East of Mauritius for a week before heading back to Singapore as the airport is a 15 minutes drive away. The Blue Bay public beach is very big and beautiful. It is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. I experienced hundreds of fishes surrounding me while snorkeling at the Blue Bay Marine Park. It was the best snorkeling experience as 1 hour passed by in a flash.

Amazing water
The best swimming experience was at Ile Plate or Flat island. I took a Catamaran cruise to Ile Plate and Gabriel island. The water at Plate island was so crystal clear and calm that I was enjoying every moment of my swim.

Beautiful nature

Most memorable waterfalls hike at 7 Cascades Tamarind Falls
First time swimming in a waterfall

What a precious rainbow!


Adrenaline Pumping as I tried Zip Line across mountains for the first time!
Best Teacher of my life - He encouraged me, chit chatted with me and I forgot about my fear,

My legs were shaking but I was proud of myself that I completed it.

I met many wonderful people from Mauritius, South Africa, France, Germany, America, England during my trip. Thank you very much for the good conversations, fun and hospitality.

I also tried riding a South Quad Bike and experienced an Underwater Walk. Check them out here.

It was a precious 6 weeks of rest and fun. If not for the price of the air ticket, I will definitely want to be in Mauritius every weekend.

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