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The Three Peacocks BBQ Buffet - Oysters, Live Prawns, Wagyu Beef!

The Three Peacocks Buffet, situated near Labrador Park, amazes me because of the dazzling variety of fresh seafood and meat, unlimited LIVE prawns, cooked and raw oysters, salmon sashimi and even Wagyu Beef! It also has a Beer Bar. The ambience was very unique with a garden theme, decorated with fairy lights. In fact, it got its name from the peacocks which will made an appearance every now and then. Be sure you get your 4D number from their feathers should you spot them!

Why is The Three Peacocks Buffet amazing?

Dazzling Variety of Seafood

Delicious Giant River Prawns

To be honest, I have never seen such a complete selection of seafood to be barbecued. I am a huge seafood lover despite my skin allergies and TCM doctor saying that I should stay away from shell fish. Oh well... OMGosh! There were crayfish, scallops, scampi, clams, mussels, Giant River Prawns etc. We chose the seafood that we wanted and proceeded to barbecue them over charcoal.

Click on the video to check out the highlights!

Dazzling Variety of Seafood

Check out the variety!


Giant River Prawns!

Unlimited Giant River Prawns
The Giant River Prawns are for the Prawn Head connoisseurs. Now, we do not have to spend hours prawning and we get to eat an unlimited number of such prawns. The Giant River Prawns were tied up, giving the impression that they were alive.

Oh gosh, when I sucked those prawn heads gently, the orange brownish zup (juice) oozed out - fresh and satisfying. Another type of prawns was also equally impressive - LIVE Prawns!

Experience Catching Live Prawns!

There was a tank full of Live Prawns. The catch was that we had to catch them OURSELVES! It was not an easy feat. It definitely required practice. The tip is to grip the targeted prawn really tightly, without fear. Live Prawns are usually very expensive at Chinese restaurants. It is amazing that The Three Peacocks is supplying an unlimited number of Live Prawns.

Ice Water to numb the prawns
After catching the Live Prawns, we had to transfer them into a bucket filled with ice water. The objective was to knock them out so that they would not be jumpy on the grill or on the plate.

Extremely delicious
Just writing about the Live Prawns makes me want to return to savour the freshness of the meat. The freshness of seafood is indeed the most important factor of any delicious seafood dish.

Live Clams
Other than catching our own prawns, we also had to catch our own Live Clams. It is very generous of the restaurant to provide an unlimited amount of live clams and prawns.

1 serving of Lobster per pax!

I  am always excited whenever I hear restaurants offering lobsters as part of the deal because they are very expensive to order al la carte. Lobsters also have some interesting health benefits. One of it is that it can cure depression??? Google it.

Unlimited Fresh Oysters!

Fresh Oysters
At the Oyster station, a staff was shucking oysters right in front of the hungry diners. I am very impressed that there is an unlimited number of fresh oysters. Usually, such indulgence is only available at very expensive hotel buffets.

Unlimited Crabs!

Spot the crabs!
Live Crabs were also available. There was a basket of Live Crabs and a staff was in charge of killing them upon request. Freshness is again emphasised at The Three Peacocks, which is highly valued among the Chinese community. Eating Live Stuff has got to do with improving vitality. 

Unlimited Salmon Sashimi!

Salmon Sashimi
I was very surprised to see Salmon Sashimi as The Three Peacocks is not a Japanese restaurant. I was very happy that soya sauce and wasabi were provided. Wasabi is a MUST to be eaten with Salmon Sashimi as it is supposed to kill the bacteria.

Live BBQ Station

BBQ at your request
If you are too lazy to BBQ your food, you can choose to eat from the Live BBQ station whereby a staff would be cooking seafood and meat. 

Dish of the Day - Cooked Oysters!

BBQed Oysters
The BBQed oyster topped with garlic is a MUST TRY. The oyster was plump, OMGosh juicy and most importantly, fresh and delicious! Oysters is a form of aphrodisiac - improving your sex drive. Eat a dozen and you are in heaven!

Very delicious food from Live BBQ Station!

Unlimited Wagyu Beef!

Good Quality
Look at the marbling on the Wagyu Beef. It is amazing to be able to eat Wagyu Beef at a buffet that is reasonably priced. Do you know why Wagyu Beef is expensive? Click here to find out.

Big Selection of Meat to be grilled!

The Meatarians would be overjoyed! There was a huge selection of meat to choose from. Enjoy checking out the pictures!
Fresh Meat

Marinated Meat

Fresh Fish



Delicious Cooked Food

The Three Peacocks also provided a good variety of cooked food. My favourite was the CRISPY ROASTED PORK. While waiting for my beef to be cooked at the Live Cooking Station, I took a plate of crispy roasted pork and started chomping away. 

Crispy Roasted Pork
I was over the moon when I heard the beautiful crackling sound of the crispy pork skin and savoring the fragrance of the pork in my mouth. Yummy! Check out the pictures of the other cooked food!


Deep fried food and mini burgers

Can't remember
Food on bread, Pinchos?

Korean looking sushi

Prata wrapped with food

Western food


Kim Chi Fried Rice

Ice Cream
I enjoyed the Strawberry Sorbet lolly very much. Don't forget to try one before you leave! It was refreshing, perfect for a BBQ dessert.

Beer Bar

Alcoholic Drinks
There was also a beer bar. It is definitely a plus point as beer is considered cooling in the Chinese Food and Drinks Category and BBQ food is considered heaty. Therefore, the cooling beer will neutralise the heaty effect of the BBQ food. Click here to check out a list of cooling and heaty food.

For those who do not want to spend additional money on beers, the buffet includes an unlimited amount of soft drinks. There were also tiny jelly balls whereby the flavours of the juices would burst in my mouth as I popped them. Fun!

Chillax Ambience

Carpeted with grass

Chill with friends
On top of providing charcoal grills, there were also many dinners choosing to add a hotpot too! How thoughtful!

Fairy Lights
This type of ambience always makes me feel that I am overseas. As The Three Peacock is situated near Labrador Park, I also have the feeling that I am disconnecting from the business of Singapore.


The Three Peacocks

Beautiful at night
Although I did not spot any peacocks, The Three PeaCOCKS still ROCKS with its amazing array of fresh seafood and delicious meat.

The price is only S$41+ for its daily buffet and the deal is that Senior Citizens get S$10 off! 

A good place to unwind and indulge...

The Three Peacocks
Address: 8 Port Rd, Singapore 117540
Phone: 6251 0213

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