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Krabi Part 1 Ao Nang - How to stop, enjoy and recharge?

Staying in Singapore makes one lazy enough to stay snug in the comfortable cocoon within the familiar confines of malls and parks. It is invigorating just to be able to get away over the weekend and I think Ao Nang is perfect for a 2 night stay because of its gorgeous sunsets, restaurants, delicious Thai food, relatively short flight and cheap air fares from Singapore. Stop overthinking and just go!

Where exactly is Ao Nang?

Ao Nang has successfully established itself as a resort town in southern Thailand's Krabi Province. 

Ao Nang Beach

Enjoy every moment!

After arriving at the airport, the hotel shuttle transfer did not turn up and the phone number given led to a woman's voice repeatedly saying "I don't know." When on a holiday, it is very important to stay chill and not stray from the goal of travelling which is to appreciate something new and beautiful, usually not found in your hometown. Enjoy every moment, even the unexpected ones.

Alternatively, there was a huge sign screaming "Shuttle Bus" and it took me right to the hotel at a very cheap price.

Shuttle Bus to various hotels from airport

The shuttle bus was a mini bus, packed with tourists. I stayed in The Ri Hotel and for S$30 per night, it was clean and had a pool. The breakfast was good. The only drawback was the distance from the beach. It was a 15 to 20 min walk along a stretch of cafes and restaurants. 

The Ri Hotel

After resting in the hotel, I was craving for Thai food! TripAdvisor advised me to try Jungle Kitchen, which was a short walk away. It was excellent and earned return visits from me.

Eat Good Food at D&E's Jungle Kitchen!

Jungle Kitchen

For fish lovers, I definitely recommend the Steamed Fish with Lime. It is a pretty common dish found in most Thai restaurants and Jungle Kitchen version was perfect!

Thai Style Steamed Fish with Lime

Thai Omelette with rice 
I have tried a few Thai Omelette with rice during my Krabi trip and Jungle Kitchen served the best version. The omelette was very tasty and the egg aroma was very distinctive.

Chicken in Pineapple Curry and Pad Thai
Pad Thai is a very famous Thai flat noodle dish, usually with a choice of protein, sprinkled with peanuts. Thumbs up! I wanted to try something interesting so I chose Pineapple Curry! It was a sweet curry.

D&E Jungle Kitchen
Address: 33 อ่าวนาง เมือง Krabi 81110, Thailand
Hours: Closes 2PM ⋅ Reopens 5PM
Phone: +66 91 158 4949

Explore and Recharge!

There is no recharging if one does not have a charger. A good recharge will leave you feeling fresh, free and hopeful. Everyone has a different charger to recharge your batteries. Exploring new and healthy experiences is one good way. After a good meal, it was time to explore Ao Nang, my neighbourhood for 2 nights.  One thing that I appreciate about Ao Nang was the majestic cliffs. 

Ao Nang

Majestic Cliffs

More cliffs

Muslim Street
I also discovered that Ao Nang had a mosque and Halal food is easy to find. It even had a Muslim Street. I am not a Muslim but whenever I find nice Halal places, I always whatsapp my Muslim close friend to share my finds.

Nature Heals - Ao Nang Sunsets

I remembered my university professor once took the class to a garden and he said that whenever we feel stuck, the answer could be found in Mother Nature. I discovered that to appreciate nature, my heart has to be opened. If I allow myself to be distracted by the possibility of another urgent work call, emails and nowadays, work related chat groups, it is not easy to stop, enjoy and recharge. 

I was thrilled to be able to appreciate the first sunset at Ao Nang. It was beautiful to see the golden ball disappear, changing the colours of the sky.

Beautiful sunset

Gorgeous sunset
Dinner after sunset was nothing to shout about so I decided not to recommend it. There was no sense of danger in the air. The street was lined by massage palours, cafes, hotels, bars and patronised by tourists who were relaxed.


Goodnight Ao Nang!

Lunch at Ton Ma Yom

The next day, I had lunch at Ton Ma Yom, advised by TripAdvisor.  I used to have this weird habit of eating the same dish again and again until I am sick of it. Now, I am much better. So, no surprise to see the Thai Style Steamed Fish again! It tasted just as good as the one I had at Jungle Kitchen. I wanted to try some Thai Pork. It was delicious.

Thai Food at Ton Ma Yom

Ton Ma Yom

Address: 262/7 Leela Valley Aonang Soi.11 road, Krabi 81180, Thailand
Hours: Closes 2PM ⋅ Reopens 5PM
Phone: +66 75 695 058

The sunsets at Ao Nang were very peaceful. A 3D2N long weekend getaway is sufficient for Ao Nang. I had more time so I moved on to other parts of Krabi - Koh Lanta and Krabi Town. Koh Lanta was amazing, with beautiful beaches of different vibes.


Like a painting


Stop hesitating and start planning your next adventure.

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