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13 Stages by Mark Lee & Co - 13 types of Kopi, 7 flavours of Chicken with fragrant rice & Imperial Chicken Chee Cheong Fun!

I am very impressed with Mark Lee's 13 Stages cafe that sells Chicken Rice and 13 types of Kopi! It is also an excellent place for a nice tea break because of the snacks such as Chee Cheong Fun, Chwee Kueh and Soon Kueh. It is located at Kallang Wave Mall.

Delicious Chicken Rice at 13 Stages
I  came across a video by Mark Lee whereby he explained why he chose to open 13 Stages. He mentioned that Old Town White Coffee, though is a success, is after all, a Malaysian brand. His latest dream with his wifey and two close friends, is to establish a brand that belongs to Singapore. He is very brave to take on Chicken Rice and Kopi, sprinkled his innovative dust and yet it delivered.

Why the name, 13 Stages? "Life is like a stage... represents the 13 personas Mark Lee has taken on over his career...Calefare to a Comedian... Movie Producer"


Gems of 3 States Kopi, S$4.60

Johor, Melaka and Penang
There were "newspapers" provided and it turned out that we were actually staring at the menu. We scrutinised the explanation of the different Kopi and finally, decided that we would go for the Gems of 3 States. It is a fixed combination of Kopi from Johor, Melaka and Penang. When it was served, Duckie and I squealed with delight, "So Cute!" The glasses were much smaller than the usual ones and the set came with 2 Gem biscuits and 2 crackers.
 13 types of Kopi from different States of Malaysia
Interestingly, when I tasted the Kopi on its own, they tasted like traditional Kopi from a Kopi Tiam. When I compared the 3 glasses of Kopi, there was a distinct difference between the 3 States.  My favourite was the Melaka.

Crispy Duck Wrap, S$6.50

Crispy Duck Wrap
Crispy Duck Wrap, as a side dish, was delicious. I enjoyed dipping the wrap in the sweet chilli sauce. The only issue I had was its name. It should be renamed as "Duck Wrap". Crispy Duck Wrap often reminds us of Peking Duck but this was clearly not Peking Duck because it did not have any crispy duck skin at all. The duck meat tasted like minced meat. Overall, I still enjoyed the taste of crunchy cucumber, spring onion and duck meat.

Sweet Chilli Sauce
Snacks and Wraps

Sesame Chicken, S$8.90

Sesame Chicken
Our initial plan was to order Imperial Ginger Chicken Rice and Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fun. Unfortunately, the Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fun was sold out so we settled for Sesame Chicken and Imperial Chicken Chee Cheong Fun instead.

The chicken was steamed to perfection. It was very tender and juicy enough to leave a good impression. The sesame sauce reminded me of the Japanese sesame sauce whereby you use it to dip your steamboat ingredients with. I was very surprised that the rice itself, was very nice. It went very well with the chicken. One of the most important ingredients in any chicken rice is the chilli sauce. It was awesome and diners have to take it for themselves at the counter. Don't forget!

Imperial Chicken Chee Cheong Fun, S$4.90

Imperial Chicken Chee Cheong Fun
For a snack, this is a Must Try. I first tried interesting Chee Cheong Fun, such as Curry, in Malaysia. My relatives took us to this famous coffee shop in KL. Therefore, I was very keen to try Chee Cheong Fun from 13 Stages.

We both liked the Imperial Ginger sauce very much. It was as delicious as the Samsui Chicken served by Soup Restaurant. I kept wishing that I had ordered Imperial Ginger Chicken instead of Sesame Chicken. I dipped the Sesame Chicken with the ginger sauce and it was awesome especially with the fragrant rice and chilli sauce. I hope that 13 Stages will add more chicken to this dish haha.

Overall, Duckie and I enjoyed the dinner very much and we were pleasantly surprised by Mark Lee and friends' fruits of labour. I could not wait to be back to try the other types of Kopi and also chicken in different flavours.

7 different flavours

  • Imperial Ginger Chicken
  • Dangui Chicken
  • Sesame Chicken
  • Mala Chicken
  • Indonesian Style Chicken
  • Assam Chicken
  • Curry Chicken

13 types of Kopi 
13 Stages at Kallang Wave Mall
13 Stages
1 Stadium Place, #01-41, Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397628 (Stadium MRT)
Tel: +65 6384 0502
Opening hours: 10:00am – 9:00pm Daily


  1. Is it franchise from Calanthe Art Cafe from Malacca?

  2. Hi, I believe it is not a franchise but the concept is very similar! Please check out my Calanthe Art Cafe post! :P

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