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Old School Delights - Delight yourself with local food and childhood memories (if you are 25 and above)

Old School Delights is the answer to people who want to eat local food like Mee Siam, Curry Chicken, Nasi Lemak in an air-conditioned environment but sick of Toast Box and Ya Kun. Old School Delights is a themed cafe, with interesting decor that makes me reminisce about my primary and secondary school days. I still remember fondly how my Secondary School Chemistry teacher threw my exercise book into the wastepaper bin as she shouted, "That's a silly excuse!" She was a very strict teacher and that was how I improved from F9 to A2. I was glad I met her when I was in Secondary 4. 

Old School Delights
I stayed quite near Thomson and I have been patronising Old School Delights. Other than their local food, the cakes were fabulous too. 

Curry Chicken
I love the Curry Chicken with white rice very much. The curry is the Chinese type that you can taste at Toast Box. The serving of the chicken was very generous. It was thick, quite spicy and definitely shiok. Duckie always orders Curry Chicken with white rice. 

Mushroom Chicken Hor Fun
As for me, I ordered the Mushroom Chicken Hor Fun, I loved the taste of the sauce. I loved the mushrooms and I really hoped that Old School Delights would consider adding more chicken. Overall, it was pretty wholesome.

Chicken Macaroni Soup S$6.80
Hanson was feeling sick so he chose the healthiest looking thing on the menu. It was a delicious Chicken Macaroni Soup. If you have sick friends, you can consider Old School Delights.

Chicken Nibblets S$6.80
Chicken Nibblets is my all time favourite because of the interesting mayo dip. It reminded me of lemongrass, and Tom Yum flavour. Once I start, it is oh so hard to stop.

Nasi Lemak (S$7.80) and other Delights
Silverfox always orders Nasi Lemak whenever he patronises Old School Delights. You look at the chicken wing and egg - really old school. I prefer the new age type of fluffy egg with runny yolk and sinful deep fried crispy chicken wing. Check out my Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak post. I tried their Mee Siam and Laksa before and both were delicious. Old School Delights also has Western options for your not so old school pals. Another reason why it is a good cafe to hang out is that the drinks are fantastic. I can enjoy traditional Kopi and Teh.

I like the chocolate cake, lemon cake and banana cake. Leave some space for dessert. It is worth it.

Write your own order.
I am not sure why but everyone is always very tickled when they need to use a marker to write down their orders. Very intelligent idea! Cheap, saves your staff the hassle, fun for your customers!




Old School Biscuits
You must read The Red Riding Hood Lah. It is very funny leh!

Old School Toys

Very nice decor

Old School Delights
For local food sold by a themed cafe, the quality was quite good. It was an enjoyable experience.

Address: 215M Upper Thomson Road, 574349
Hours: 11:30AM–10:30PM
Phone: 6458 4518

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