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Deal: Sin Heng Kee Porridge - Cheap and Delicious Porridge for the North East Folks

Sin Heng Kee Porridge is a gem in Hougang, known for its Signature Porridge, which never fails to whet my appetite. In Singapore, there are broadly two kinds of porridge - the Cantonese style and the Teochew Style. 
Porridge cooked in Teochew style does not require much skill since it is usually just boiled rice in a lot of water. What makes a good Cantonese porridge? The texture and the flavour! When we are sick or feeling sian (moody), sometimes we crave for porridge because there is a belief that porridge has healing properties.
Delicious porridge

Frog Leg Porridge (Tian Ji Zhou)

Claypot Frog Leg with Spring Onions and Ginger

I always order the Signature Porridge and Frog Leg Porridge. The thick ginger sauce that coats each piece of tender frog leg is very well-balanced. It is always sweet, salty and has a slight tangy taste at the same time. It has the effect of causing me to keep coming back for more. Do you know why frogs are eaten? Frogs are believed to have extraordinary health benefits. 

Signature Porridge

A variety of ingredients!
Sin Heng Kee Signature Porridge really lives up to its name. I am most impressed with the generous amount of ingredients in a bowl of porridge that costs S$5. It has thick slices of fish, pork meat, pork liver, intestines, cuttlefish and century egg. The texture of the porridge is very smooth. The porridge itself is also very flavourful but not overly salty.
Tip: Do request to add egg if you are a fan of mixing your porridge with a runny egg yolk.

How to order?

Sin Heng Kee

You find a seat on your own. Proceed to the counter to order and pay. Return to your seat and wait for your food.

Sin Heng Kee @ Hougang has always been serving porridge of good quality consistently. Enjoy!

Sin Heng Kee
Address: Blk 685 Hougang Street 61, 530685
Phone: 9118 1569


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