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Download Shopee SG app and get S$7 off your first purchase with voucher code SHOPEE1244N !

Hello everyone, I downloaded Shopee SG app on my phone and I am pretty impressive with the variety of items available for online shopping and those items that I fancy were very reasonably priced. Moreover, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover China Market Place and K Market in the Shopee SG app! 

What is the promotion for Shopee?

From 1st Nov 2019 to End Nov 2019, Shopee is having a promotion for NEW users - S$7 off minimum purchase of S$15! All I had to do was to download the app onto my phone, select the item that I want, apply the voucher code and get the S$7 off! The voucher code is: SHOPEE1244N

These are some of the items purchased from Shopee SG. My sis is a huge fan of Shopee SG. She is always the one introducing me the latest useful app, game or news.

Purchased from Shopee SG

Time to capture the lovely memories!

How to shop at Shopee SG?

Once you have downloaded the Shopee SG app onto your phone, open it and sign up for an account. Shopee SG is also available as a website for people who enjoy shopping on their laptops or desktops.

I prefer to sign up using my email address. After signing up, Shopee SG will send a verification email. After verifying, it is time to start shopping!

Sign up for a new account!

I selected a multi functional small cooker which costs S$22.44.
Start shopping!
There is a space for me to type the voucher code - SHOPEE1244N

Apply the voucher code
After I have applied the voucher code SHOPEE1244N, the price was reduced from S$22.44 to S$15.44.

S$7 off with minimum purchase of S$15

I am always intrigued with Tao Bao but because I read Chinese characters very slowly, it is a very tedious process for me. I am very happy to discover CHINA MARKETPLACE and K MARKET in Shopee SG!

China Market Place

K Market
There are many things to discover in Shopee SG! Do note that in order to get the S$7 discount, you have to be a NEW user and you have to spend a minimum of S$15 in the month of Nov.

Voucher Code: SHOPEE1244N
Share the post and voucher code with all your friends and family members! 

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